International Orders

Due to Brexit the way transactions are handled have changed. You are no longer charged the UK VAT, and the VAT is now collected on behalf of the EU by the courier before the goods are delivered. The rate the VAT is set is at will be the rate of the country that the goods first enter the EU, we use DPD for our courier for all subwoofers except the Monoliths and they set the rates as follows;-

Goods clear in France for the following countries VAT rate 20%

France, Portugal, Italy, Czech,Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece,Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia

Goods clear in The Netherlands for the following countries VAT rate 21%

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany, Norway (for forwarding), Denmark, Sweden, Finland

Spain, Ireland and Switzerland clear their own shipments in country

DPD levy a handling charge of around 7.00 Euro

If you are unsure of the total charges please contact us using our CONTACT PAGE and let us know what you wish to order and we will email you a quote

For Example

If the destination was say Belgium then the shipping cost would be £28.51 and the parcel would ship via France and VAT set at 20%

An XLS200-DF in Light Oak Priced at £359.95 including UK VAT will cost £299.96 without UK VAT

BK Electronics would charge for the subwoofer plus the shipping making a total of £299.96 + £28.51 =  £328.47

The courier will then charge the VAT at 20% prior to delivery = £65.27 and a 7.00 Euro handling charge